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Building Permits

The Village of Timbercreek Canyon Code of Ordinances states, “No one shall erect, construct,

add to or remodel any building or structure without first applying to and obtaining a permit from

the Building Committee (Chapter 9.04).”

Permits shall be required for the following activities:


1. New home construction

2. Remodeling of existing home

3. Permanent fences (fences over 3’ in height and to remain for more than 6

months or that are permanently attached to the ground surface)

4. Construction of any outbuilding or accessory building of more than 200

square feet. (2015 IRC 105.2)

5. Construction of swimming pools and permanent, in-ground spas

6. Any item not specifically mentioned that is regulated by the International

Residential Code

7. New Roofing

8. Retaining Walls

9. Decks of more than 200 square feet (2015 IRC 105.2)

10. Above or Below Ground Storm Shelters/Safe Rooms

11. Carports


The established procedure for building permits is as follows:

(A) The Owner or Registered Builder shall present the following to the Building Committee:

            a. One set of plans and sketches of such structure or alteration

i. Plans and sketches must include enough information to verify the elevation and difference between the existing grade and proposed grade for all structures.


b. A completed Application for Building Permit

i. An Application form can be found at the bottom of this page

(B) The Building Committee will meet and provide feedback to the Owner or Registered

Builder in a timely fashion.


Other Important Information:

1. Construction shall commence within 30 days of issuance of a building permit. If

construction does not commence, the Owner or Registered Builder must apply for a

new permit.


2. Permits shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. Owners or

Registered Builders may apply for an extension according to rules set forth in the

Code of Ordinances.

3. Permits must be clearly posted in a location visible from the nearest roadway at all



Additional information and specific regulations can be found in the Village of Timbercreek

Canyon Code of Ordinances.

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