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Wild Flowers

To serve the Community in which we live and to help the citizens of Timbercreek establish gardens and plantings that are adaptable to our Canyon setting and compatible with the wildlife and weather that is found here.

The Timbercreek Garden Club is affiliated with the Amarillo Botanical Garden Center. This affiliation with the Amarillo Garden Clubs helps us through training and information that is available to us as a member.


The activities of the Club include landscaping and maintaining our three gate areas & decorating them at Christmas, providing information to residents, assisting annual cleanup activities, hosting family dinners for the residents, summer picnics in the park and the annual garage sale.

The primary fund-raiser for the Club is the Timbercreek Phone Directory and the Annual Chili Cook-Off as well as social evening dinners for the residents and their families.

The Timbercreek Garden Club meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the members' homes. Locations will be posted at the Gates and on the website. These Monthly meetings include guest speakers and various programs to educate and enlighten us about our special locale.

We encourage anyone to attend, whether you are a new or experienced gardener or not even interested in gardening. We want you to join our fun and friendly group! Club fees are only $20.00 per year.


President: Carol Williams

Vice President: Mary Watley

Secretary: Shelly Hanes

Treasurer: Susan Young

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