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Timbercreek Canyon Development consists of nine subdivisions, Units 1 through 9, located within a gated community. Property within each of the Units is subject to and governed by the Dedications and Restrictions of Timbercreek Canyon, and Amendments thereto, as filed of record for each Unit with Randall County. The Dedications and Restrictions (“the Dedication” or the “Deed Restrictions”) for each Unit are similar, but not identical. The Deed Restrictions, and Amendments thereto for each Unit are viewable in PDF format on this website. 


The Timbercreek Property Owners Association, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation, owns the roads and gates and other real and personal property within the Timbercreek Canyon Development. The purpose of the Timbercreek Property Association (TCPOA or the “Association”) is to protect and enhance the resources of the Development and to maintain the gates and roads and other real and personal property for the common use and benefit of the owners of lots within the Development. Every person or entity who owns a lot automatically becomes a Member of the Association. 


The TCPOA Board of Directors consists of five Directors elected by the Members. Officers of the TCPOA Board of Directors are elected or appointed by the Board. Primary functions of the Board of Directors include enforcing the Deed Restrictions and levying charges and assessments in accordance with the Deed Restrictions and Bylaws. Assessments, often referred to as dues, are necessary to maintain the roads, gates, and other real or personal property (e.g., tractor, truck, etc.) for the use and benefit of the Members.

As mentioned previously, the TCPOA is a nonprofit organization and the Board of Directors and Committee Members and others who perform the many and essential tasks and projects required for the community are all volunteers and receive no compensation. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. Please volunteer. It is your community and what it becomes and how it is maintained is entirely dependent on volunteers. Likewise, the TCPOA is your association and you elect the Board of Directors and, in addition, your input is essential and important at Board meetings, the Annual Members meeting, or with Directors and other volunteers.

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