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The Village of Timbercreek Canyon Code of Ordinances states, “Construction or work for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the City Inspector and such construction or work shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved (Chapter 9.04).”

Inspections shall be required for the following activities:


1. New home construction

2. Remodeling of existing home

3. Permanent fences (fences over 3’ in height and to remain for more than 6

months or that are permanently attached to the ground surface)

4. Construction of any outbuilding or accessory building of more than 200

square feet. (2015 IRC 105.2)

5. Construction of swimming pools and permanent, in-ground spas

6. Any item not specifically mentioned that is regulated by the International

Residential Code

7. New Roofing

8. Retaining Walls

9. Decks of more than 200 square feet (2015 IRC 105.2)

10. Above or Below Ground Storm Shelters/Safe Rooms

11. Carports


Inspections, additional inspections, re-inspections


a. Fees. If inspections, additional inspections or re-inspections are required, the fee

for each inspection, additional inspection or re-inspection shall be in accordance

with Appendix A’s inspection fee amount (Found in the Village of Timbercreek

Canyon Code of Ordinances).

b. Notification responsibility. The Contractor or Homeowner shall be responsible

for notification that construction is ready for inspection or re-inspection in a

timely manner; no work shall be concealed prior to inspection and approval.

The Inspector shall not inspect or re-inspect construction until the required

fee/re-inspection fee has been paid. Failure to notify for inspection will result

in an offense under 9.04 E (d) or 1.06 of this Code. (Ordinance 2016-3)



Additional information can be found in the Village of Timbercreek Canyon Code of


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